Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

trade show exhibits

10 good reasons to design and build a creative, engaging trade show exhibits and staff them with smart, knowledgeable team members.

In today’s financially driven business world it is harder and harder to justify spending money on trade show exhibits and the staff and travel involved to man them. We hear all the time about cuts to budgets and under staffed trade show exhibits efforts. It’s a bit of a self-perpetuating challenge. Cut the staff and the lead generation suffers and the team has trouble justifying the expenses.

So yet again, here are 10 very good reasons (of the 1000s we tend to forget) to design and build a creative, engaging trade show exhibits and staff them with smart, knowledgeable team members:

10. Position your company’s image, reputation or brand in the marketplace, and get immediate customer feedback on your products, programs and services.

9. Bring the sales team together and introduce them to new selling programs, techniques and information. Hold a quick sales meeting at the same time.

8. Conduct competitive research in an environment where everyone is positioning products and programs in their best, most transparent way.

7. Reward your best and brightest (staff, dealers, distributors, etc.) with an opportunity to connect and network together.

6. Meet with and support wholesalers, distributors and dealers in an environment where everyone is developing new leads. Get their feedback, too.

5. Support your HR department by recruiting personnel interested in your  industry enough to visit the industry trade show.

4. Reach customers and buyers at a lower cost per call compared to sending individuals on the road. It’s also a great opportunity to meet with your customers from remote areas.

3. Generate qualified leads.

2. Let prospects see, touch, and even use your products with you there to immediately answer their questions.

1. Help sales people get out of voicemail / email ‘jail’; because we spend so much time interacting via technology that face-to-face time has become a precious commodity.

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